Oak-Lived Terrace Vitta has accumulated professional experience in the process of its development since 2011 and now can safely declare – we can offer our customers the best combination of quality and visual pleasure. We have implemented large projects to create terraces and verandas, the results of which satisfied the wishes of the most demanding customers. We are proud of the results achieved within each of these projects (see the Gallery).
Oak-Lived Terrace Vitta projects were highly appreciated both in the Latvian market and abroad. We work in a team of strong professionals who are not ready to rest and always set new goals!


  • We will turn your idea into an aesthetically beautiful, practical Terrace.
  • We provide an individual and highly responsible approach to each project
  • We trust the design of drawings to a professional architectural bureau.
  • We will build a terrace for you in accordance with all building regulations and requirements of the Republic of Latvia.
  • We use only proven and high-quality materials.
  • We are able to combine aesthetics and quality in our work.
  • We are known outside Latvia – in Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Germany.
  • We respect our customer and guarantee the quality and also bear responsibility for the work done.
  • Our company will be your right choice.

Submit the project and we will contact you for an individual review of your wishes.